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The Project

Ever since it was published in 1844, Alexandre Dumas’ story of romance, revenge, obsession, and redemption has held its grasp on popular culture. It has been translated into every major language. It has been successfully adapted dozens of times to the stage, radio, film, television, and other print media.

It remains one of the most beloved classics of all time, selling millions of copies each year. Surprisingly, it has never inspired a significant musical reinterpretation. Until now.

The present musical adaptation takes on the ambitious challenge of remaining faithful to the original story, while meeting the requirements of the musical stage format and keeping audiences entertained. Those familiar with Dumas’ novel will notice various alterations and deletions. Those familiar with the play, films, or any other reinterpretation of the novel, will be delighted with the incorporation of certain elements of various adaptations.

Obviously, one cannot transform an entire 1400 page novel, with a multitude of plots and subplots, and literally hundreds of characters, into an under three hour musical drama without making some crucial artistic choices. However, these choices have been carefully made with full commitment to the fundamental themes that lay at the core of this epic tale: universal themes of love and loss, courage and suffering, justice and vengeance, redemption and faith, and most of all… of hope and forgiveness.


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