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Objectives and current state of progress

To give an idea of the current stage of the project, below is a list of specific tasks and progress made, with the primary overall objective being that of an international touring production of the opera at major venues throughout the United States and Europe.

  • Full Demo CD

    The American/English version of the full opera demo has been completed. It includes the 34 main arias (minus the reprises), recorded by professional musical theatre and opera singers, several of whom have the experience and talent to potentially take part in the touring cast. The songs have also been fully orchestrated and performed by the equivalent of a full high quality opera orchestra, as is demonstrated by the recordings that comprise nearly two hours of vocal and instrumental music.

  • American Investors and Producers

    Initial presentations of the project have already attracted interest from some major agents and producers in the entertainment industry in the United States. The opera has gained highly positive responses and enthusiastic support from both music and acting professionals, experts and afficionados of musical theatre, as well as from music and theatre loving laypersons.
    The script and music are currently being given consideration by some leading producers of Broadway musical theatre. We are also offering this work to both well-established and newer opera and repertory theatre companies.

  • French and European Investors and Producers

    A French version of the work has recently been initiated: an example of the French translation is attached of three representative arias.
    A team comprised of the composer and the French translator will travel to France in December 2010 – January 2011, with the intention of meeting potential investors and producers.
    Preliminary contacts have been established with the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, with the French Ministère de la Culture, with the Société des Amis d’Alexandre Dumas, and with the City of Marseille, with the common goal of further extending Franco-American cultural relations and awareness.
    Another specific goal for this project is to explore the possibility of premiering the opera on the very ground where the essence of the novel’s early chapters unfold: the Château d’If in Marseille. The French support group, already in place and dedicated to this project, is currently submitting a proposal for this premiere as part of the upcoming celebration of the election of Marseille as one of the Cultural Capitals of Europe: “Marseille Provence 2013”.


We welcome all enquiries from producers, directors, investors, grant foundations, theatrical and entertainment managers and agents, as well as philanthropists of the arts, naturally! Please send us your questions and contact information by clicking on the "Contact us" link below. Thank you, The Monte Cristo Opera Project Team.

Monte Cristo, the Opera is fully copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. @ 2010.
Book and Lyrics by Kai COFER, Music by Cody T. GILLETTE.


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