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List of Scenes and Arias



PROLOGUE: Chateau d’If – 1815
1. GUILTY OF SOMETHING                                                           Chorus

SCENE ONE: Dantes’ Cell – 1821
2. MEMORIES OF LOVE                                                                 Dantes
3. WAIT AND HOPE                                                                        Faria

SCENE TWO: Dantes’ Cell / Marseilles
4. EDMOND’S STORY                                                                    Young Dantes, Morel, Danglars
5. HOW COULD I FORGET YOU?                                                 Young Dantes, Mercedes, Fernand
6. HE STOLE MY LIFE                                                                    Danglars, Caderousse, Fernand
7. KYRIE                                                                                         Chorus
8. THE INTERROGATION                                                              Young Dantes, Villefort

SCENE THREE: Faria’s Cell / Tunnel / Marseilles
9. THE TREASURE                                                                         Faria, Dantes

SCENE FOUR: Chateau d’If / Monte Cristo Island
10. THE TREASURE (Reprise)                                                       Faria
11. THE HAMMER OF GOD                                                           Monte Cristo

SCENE FIVE: The Inn at the Pont du Gard
12. CADEROUSSE’S STORY                                                          Caderousse, Monte Cristo

SCENE SIX: Piazza del Popolo, Rome
13. GRANDE NOTTE DEL MASCHERETTA                                   Chorus

SCENE SEVEN: Baron Danglars’ Office
14. IT’S ONLY MONEY                                                                   Danglars, Monte Cristo

15. THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO                                           Chorus

SCENE NINE: Morcerf’s Salon / Haydee’s Room
16. COULD IT BE HIM?                                                                   Mercedes, Haydee

SCENE TEN: Haydee’s Room
17. THE HAMMER OF GOD (Reprise)                                            Monte Cristo



SCENE ONE: Danglars’ House / Villefort’s Garden
18. THE TIME HAS COME                                                              Monte Cristo
19. SING SWEET NIGHTINGALE                                                   Eugenie

SCENE TWO: Telegraph / Danglars’ House
20. SELL SELL SELL                                                                      Danglars, Lucien, Baroness

SCENE THREE: Two Streets / Villefort’s Garden
21. IF I WERE POOR                                                                      Valentine, Maximilian

SCENE FOUR: La Force Prison

SCENE FIVE: Valentine’s Bedroom
22. DREAM A DREAM                                                                     Monte Cristo

SCENE SIX: Danglars’ Office
23. WHO ARE YOU?                                                                       Danglars, Monte Cristo

SCENE SEVEN: Courtroom
24. BENEDETTO’S STORY                                                            Benedetto, Chorus

SCENE EGHT: Valentine’s Bedroom
25. BRUCINE                                                                                  Heloise, Villefort, Monte Cristo
26. WHAT HAVE I DONE?                                                              Villefort, Monte Cristo, Maximilian

27. HAYDEE’S STORY                                                                    Haydee, Chorus

SCENE TEN: Opera Box

SCENE ELEVEN: Monte Cristo’s Mansion
28. HOW COULD I FORGET YOU? (Reprise)                                Mercedes
29. THE HAMMER OF GOD (Reprise)                                            Monte Cristo

SCENE TWELVE: Bois de Vincennes
30. THE DUEL                                                                                 Albert, Monte Cristo, Maximilian,

SCENE THIRTEEN: Marseilles / Monte Cristo Island
31. MERCEDES FINALE                                                                 Mercedes
32. WHAT HAVE I DONE? (Reprise)                                               Monte Cristo
33. THE TREASURE (Reprise)                                                        Faria
34. WAIT AND HOPE (Reprise)                                                       Monte Cristo, Albert, Haydee,
                                                                                                        Valentine, Maximilian, Mercedes


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