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Long Synopsis and Arias

Act One

Act One begins with a stormy moonlit night. A boat sails across the stage taking a young Edmond Dantes to the notorious prison, the Chateau D’If. The wind bemoans his fate (Guilty of Something).

Seven years pass. We find Dantes, in his prison cell, lamenting (Memories of Love). Suddenly he hears tapping from below. A stone in the floor gives way and from a secret tunnel emerges the Abbé Faria, an old priest and fellow inmate (Wait and Hope).

The Abbé questions Dantes about his past, (Edmond’s Story). Through a series of flashbacks, we learn Edmond had been first mate on the merchant ship Pharaeon. Captain Le Clarre on his death bed ordered Edmond to deliver a letter to Napoleon Bonaparte. For his loyalty Edmond is promoted to Captain by the ship’s owner Monsieur Morrel. Having been promoted Edmond rushes to his beloved Mercedes and proposes marriage (How Could I Forget You?). She accepts. Meanwhile, Dante’s happiness and success have earned him three enemies. Fernand Mondego, Eugine Danglars, and Caderousse. They plot to have Dantes arrested for treason (He Stole My Life). At the wedding (Kyrie), Dantes is arrested and brought before Monsieur De Villefort, the Deputy Prosecutor. De Villefort declares Edmond guilty and has him wrongfully imprisoned (The Interrogation).

Seven years elapse. During this time, the Abbé educates Edmond, in languages, philosophy, and swordplay. A new tunnel is dug and once it’s almost complete, the ailing Abbé, fearing his death is near, bequeaths to Edmond a map, to a hidden treasure on the island of Monte Cristo (The Treasure). The Abbé dies. Edmond secretly takes the old man’s place in the burial shroud, and is tossed into the sea, by two Jailors.

Music pulsates. Will Dantes survive? Suddenly Edmond emerges from the water. He crosses Up Stage to a trap door and descends to the treasure below. Moments later, he reemerges, transformed into the Count of Monte Cristo and vows his revenge (The Hammer Of God).

Monte Cristo, in disguise, finds Caderousse and bribes him with a large diamond for information. Caderousse tells him how Danglars became a Baron and a banker and how Mercedes married Fernand and now has a son named Albert who studies in Rome. (Caderousse’s Story). From out of the shadows enters Benedetto, a young thug, who murders Caderousse and is rewarded by the Count with the diamond.

Monte Cristo then proceeds to Rome where he befriends Albert at a Masked Carnival celebration (Grande Notte Del Mascheretta). Albert, chasing some mysterious woman, suddenly encounters bandits. Having followed the young man, Monte Cristo fights off the bandits and saves Albert’s life.

Several months later, Monte Cristo arrives in Paris and pays a visit to Baron Danglars and his wife the Baroness. He opens an account at the Baron’s bank and appoints the Baron his financial advisor (It’s Only Money). The Baroness, enchanted by the Count, plans to introduce him to Parisian Society, by throwing a lavish dance.

On the evening of the ball, the ballroom is buzzing with gossip. Who is he? (The Count Of Monte Cristo). The Count arrives with an Oriental Princess, Haydee. The Count answers questions about his past and reveals he has bought a house outside of Paris with a mysterious past. The Baroness faints and is revived with a rare curative and poison, brucine.

The next day the Count pays a visit to Fernand and Mercedes, but leaves in a hurry. Mercedes, with a sense of dread, thinks she recognizes the Count. Haydee, who is in love with the Count, enters on the opposite side of the stage. The two women sing (Could It Be Him?).

Although the Count still loves Mercedes, he is determined to fulfill his revenge (The Hammer Of God, Reprise), as the curtain descends on Act One.

Act Two

Act Two rises on a foggy morning. The Count begins to put his elaborate plans for revenge into place (The Time Has Come). He starts by introducing Baron Danglars to Benedetto, disguised as a rich Italian count. He then asks the Baron to broker two financial deals, the purchase of a newspaper company and the acquisition of Spanish Stocks. The greedy Baron decides to invest his own assets into the Spanish stocks and marry his daughter, Eugenie, to the rich young Count. Next Monte Cristo pays a visits to De Villefort’s wife Heloise. After talking about poisons he leaves his vial of Brucine on a table. Heloise ferrets the poison away. Thirdly, the Count attends an engagement party for Benedetto and Eugenie. She sings a haunting lieder (Sing Sweet Nightingale). Benedetto is accused of stealing the Baroness’ necklace and is hauled off to jail.

Days later, Monte Cristo bribes a government telegraph operator to send a false message. The news sends the Spanish stocks plummeting. Danglars decides to sell short (Sell Sell Sell).

Monte Cristo’s newspaper prints a story regarding a scandal involving Fernand. Meanwhile, De Villefort’s daughter Valentine has come into a vast fortune. She is secretly in love with Monsieur Morrel’s son Maximilian (If I Were Poor). At the end of the number she falls mysteriously ill.

The Count pays Benedetto a visit in jail. He gives the young man a dossier and tells him the information contained within will save his life.

Later that evening, while Valentine is asleep, her stepmother Heloise puts poison in the water glass. Valentine wakens from a bad dream and goes to take a sip but is stopped by the Count. He tells her of her wicked stepmother’s plot to kill her and devises a plan to save Valentine’s life. He gives her a sleeping potion that mimics death (Dream A Dream).

News arrive that the message from Spain was indeed false. Danglars’ speculations have left him bankrupt. Monte Cristo confronts Danglars who at last realizes the Count is Edmond Dantes (Who Are You?).
Albert arrives to avenge his father’s slander. Danglars explains that Monte Cristo owns the newspaper. Albert leaves and Danglars commits suicide.

Benedetto is brought to trial. When he is questioned by De Villefort, the court is shocked to learn that the young man is the illegitimate son of De Villefort and Baroness Danglars (Benedetto’s Story).

De Villefort returns home to find his daughter supposedly dead. The Count exposes Heloise as her murderess (Brucine). De Villefort, in a rage, strangles his wife. Monte Cristo revives Valentine with an antidote. De Villefort goes insane (What Have I Done?).

Across town, Haydee gives testimony against Fernand. In song and dance we watch her story unfold (Haydee’s Story). While he served in the army, Fernand murdered Haydee’s father, and had Haydee and her mother sold into slavery. 

Albert tracks down Monte Cristo and challenges him to a duel. Mercedes visit’s the Count and begs him to spare her son (How Could I Forget You? Reprise). He tries to justify himself in her eyes (The Hammer Of God, Reprise). After she leaves, he decides to sacrifice himself.

Early the next morning, the duel commences. Albert, having learned the truth from his Mother, cannot bring himself to kill the Count. Fernand enters and takes up arms against the Count. A climactic sword fight ensues ending in Fernands’ death (The Duel).

Monte Cristo returns to Mercedes and begs her forgiveness (Guilty, Reprise). Her advise to him is to “wait and hope”. He comes to realize that revenge was not the answer (What Have I Done, Reprise). He realizes he must use the treasure for good (The Treasure, Reprise). With Haydee by his side he comes to understand the true meaning of (Wait And Hope, Reprise). 

The curtain descends.



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